Abraham Sackie

I will forever have the urge to call you…Peter brought many things to me. He would drop by say “Hello” with presents for holidays, crazy birthday gifts which included an assortment of lottery tickets, can cokes, bubble gum, paddle balls, puzzles and many more, a variety of nicknames but sometimes just because it was Monday.! More importantly he brought his ear, a great listener with no judgement. He brought laughter, we had many inside jokes. He gave me hope and confidence. Peter looked out for me from the moment that we met. He constantly would reach out over the phone or message me to see how I was but, his compassion did not stop with me. His empathy and friendship touched my daughters and siblings life as well. Peter was present, a supporter of optimism and purpose. He was a very proud man and kept his personal life to himself, most of the time. He always expressed the love most eminently for his beautiful children and grateful for the life that he was given. His infectious smile and mindless dry humor will be truly missed…until we meet again, my dear friend.